Here We Come 441

Inspiration: This is PRE-LAUNCH week for two updated studios / studio cycling programs at the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids. Two of the five branches are in the process of updating the studio, equipment and instruction methods this week…kicking off the new program next Monday, October 8th! The new equipment is LifeFitness / IC-6 indoor bikes…the new method is Coach By Color…new studio includes fresh paint, updated lighting and flatscreen HD monitors that are integrated with participant bikes. The bikes also have Bluetooth wireless technology that enables participants to exchange user settings and workout results with their smartphones and the ICG Training app.

The new look…inside the Spartan Stores Family YMCA in Wyoming, MI.

Needless to say this is a great opportunity for members (and instructors) to improve their indoor cycling experience and overall health and fitness.
Though I am now on-line Coach By Color certified, I have much more to learn over the next several days…so checkout the pics, videos and other links below to learn more about the program.
In the spirit of POWER/Watt-based training, I just finished my newest playlist for a 60+ minute ride. Every track is ride worthy, but be sure to check out EXTRA SPECIAL, HERE WE COME, WOW, THE SORROW TREE, JUST MY TYPE, TIDAL WAVES and LIE…so good, from Warm Up to Cool down.
Get ready David D. Hunting and Spartan Stores Family YMCA’s…HERE WE COME!

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 64 minutes
On Spotify:

On YouTube:

SPin the News:

LifeFitness / ICG / Coach By Color


Find me on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram & other places on the web...or at my local YMCA in the Cycle Studio! Recently ICG® WATTRATE® POWER certified, I've been a certified Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Instructor since October 2012. I have taught classes at Davenport University, The University Club, SNAP Fitness (Watermark CC), Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation Dept., and Greater Grand Rapids YMCAs. Be Well... Enjoy the Ride! 🚴🏻🎶😅

7 thoughts on “Here We Come 441

  1. Hey 👋 so we just got these bikes also ! I’m still learning! Teaching can be tough when you are in a different color !! Do you have the ride format to the Spotify playlist for this ? Maybe it will help . Thanks !!

    On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 10:41 PM …it’s all about STUDIO CYCLING wrote:

    > FOR THE RIDE INSIDE posted: ” Inspiration: This is PRE-LAUNCH week for two > updated studios / studio cycling programs at the YMCA of Greater Grand > Rapids. Two of the five branches are in the process of updating the studio, > equipment and instruction methods this week…kicking off the ” >

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    • Hey Stephanie!
      Yes…I’m thinking the same thing about revealing my TRUE COLORS to the whole class. I may opt for color mode off!
      I will update the post over the weekend (or sooner) with a summary suggested ride profile.
      Thanks for the 👋🏼.
      Enjoy those new bikes and all the technology to go with them!


    • Summary ride profile:
      T01-Warm up
      T02-Alt Seated Flat/Standing Run
      T03-Alt Seated/Standing Hill
      T04-Seated Sprints
      T05-Jumps with Double time Jump intervals
      T06-Standing Climb with seated Attacks!
      T07-3 stage hill: seated, standing, opt Figure 8’s
      T08-Quick flat with accelerations
      T09-Power Climb (standing/seated)
      T10-Hill climb
      T11-FREE TRACK/Riders’ Choice
      T12-Standing Sprints
      T13-Extended visualization track with single leg drills and pushing into headwind
      T14-Alt Seated/Standing Flat
      T15-Climb with two intense attack intervals
      T16-Seated to Standing Hill climb
      T17-Seated/Standing Sprints
      T18-Cool down & Stretch



  2. Hi Steve, I’ve been teaching on the IC7 bikes for about 19 months now! I love the colors!! We also project forward motion video on a big screen. As an instructor, it is great to look out and see that everyone is working in the right zone – yet at their own level. Everyone is NOT in the same gear for that to happen, so there should be no fear in the riders seeing your colors. I taught a pyramid intervals profile this week and we were specifically working each pyramid in 1:00 in red, 2:00 in yellow, 3:00 in green, 2:00 in yellow, and back to 1:00 in red. You can choose to just have everyone ride in quick start with their colors off to begin with. For riders new to power cycling it can be information overload to begin with. Functional Threshold Power (FTP) numbers need to be set up for each rider before the colors really mean anything. If you have not done so, I would suggest that you learn about Power training. ICG has an online Power Course which is a good place to start. Then, read and study, my friend! There is so much to learn, but you can do it!!

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  3. I have been teaching for 20 years – and for about a year now on these bikes at the Arizona Chandler YMCA. They are truly amazing and I myself becoming more efficient and more aware of how difficult it is to get up into the yellow and red zones. The beautiful thing is that after you take the ramp test you have your watt power number. You can be sitting next to a pro cyclist and get the same tough workout because it’s all about pushing power. These bikes are amazing.

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