Guest Blog Post: Why I RIDE INSIDE, Rob T.

After a year of monthly posts featuring Studio Cycling instructors, it’s about time to switch things up and hear from class participants!
This month, starting with a local class regular…also a dedicated outdoor cyclist, Rob Teves.
I’ve known Rob for a few years now and can usually count on him kicking up the gear, diggin’ in and grinding up our virtual hills.
Rob often brings some music suggestions too…favorites include Rolling Stones, U2, Coldplay, Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson and more.

As an instructor and fellow YMCA member, I am so thankful for Rob’s dedication, all-out effort, good humor, and post-ride feedback…and his willingness to share this creative guest blog!

Just in case you didn’t know.
(Why I ride inside)

By Rob Teves

Seat at I, Bars at 5 same bike every time
Click click let’s ride
Heart beat fast
Breathing intense
Running not good for my knees
I will pedal for my aerobics if you please
No wind, no cars, no problem
Cool music, variety of instructors, a new ride every time

Feeling the road beneath you, let’s climb a hill
Crank the resistance and grab a thrill
Flat road sprints is the flavor today
It’s a ride against yourself but isn’t it always?

It’s the music, found, pedal to it, and dig deep
Marriage of cadence betrothed to the beat
As your ears connect to the pedals
Cadence is your speed to test your body’s metal
Distance I ride to stay in good shape
The ride inside helps me maintain

My form I can practice on the inside you should know
Statue of liberty up top like a duck paddling below
Beauty and grace when riding with style
Power and speed when you crank up the dial

Friendship and chit chat before and after
All business in between is the shared experience we banter
There is a schedule to fit every ones need I like my ride early in the day
So I can get home, get my chores done then have the rest of the afternoon to play.

Your reward?
Angry quads while you work to catch your breath, drenched in a pool of sweat
Knowing you just challenged yourself to the best workout you have done yet!

Whether you ride a bike or not, Spin is a great workout. It will challenge you but is also a lot of fun!
You can ride at your own pace. The instructors and classmates are friendly, helpful and supportive!
And if you see me in class make sure to tap me on the shoulder and say HI!
And just in case you didn’t know…that’s why I LOVE to ride inside!

THANKS Rob, see you soon (we’ll figure out your TRUE FTP!).

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