Work It Out 310

Inspiration: I went back to a few favorites over the past 3 years…mixed in some new ones, including another single released by Sia last week: Unstoppable. The title track by Netsky is also a new one…I LIKE IT! This made for a great ride and workout at Saturday’s morning Spin! Enjoy the Ride and have a great week ahead.
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 63 minutes

Ride Profile & Tunes:

Warm up – Pays To Know / MyPet
Seated / Standing Flat – Clarity / Zedd (ft. Foxes)
Seated / Standing Hill – It’s My Life / Bon Jovi
Continued Hill climb, alt Seated / Standing – Unstoppable / Sia
Seated Flat with Leg drills – Fade Into Darkness / Avicii

Quick Seated Flat w/ Sprints – Help Me Run Away / St. Lucia
Standing Hill – Come With Me Now / Kongos
Seated Flat – You Wreck Me / Tom Petty
Seated Hill and Running w/ Resistance – Work It Out / Netsky
Sprints – Drinking From The Bottle / Calvin Harris
Jumps on a Hill – Bodyrock / Moby
Quick Seated Flat – Best I Ever Had / Gavin DeGraw
Free Track / Riders’ Choice – Got Me Under Pressure / ZZ Top

Steep Hill Climb – Fur Cue (Mike Olson Remix) / Seether
Sprints (3X) – Gypsy / Lady Gaga
Cool down & Stretch – Empire State Of Mind / Jay Z

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5 thoughts on “Work It Out 310

  1. Great selections. Suffering from a huge case of spin instructor music block until I saw this. Just this one playlist rescued me! Thanks!


  2. Love this list. Reminded me to go back and grab a couple of my favorites. Avicii – Wake Me Up and Kickstart My Heart.


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