Unstoppable 311

Inspiration: Sia strikes again…her latest release UNSTOPPABLE is great for the Ride Inside! Other favorite moments in this 45m ride profile & mix: the warm-up opener (BEST THING), the classic hill-climbing / rock track (UPRISING), the EDM drill track (SOMETHING BETTER REMIX), the chill / cool down finisher (RISE UP). Have a great weekend…Be UNSTOPPABLE!
Genre: Alternative, Christian, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 46 minutes

Ride Profile & Tunes:

Warm up – Best Thing / Kari Kimmel
Seated / Standing Flat – Right Back Were We Start From / Maxine Nightingale
Standing Hill / Seated Sprints – Dying For You / Otto Knows (ft. Lindsey Stirling)
Seated / Standing Hill – Uprising / Muse
Tabata Sprints – Reason / DGM
Seated Hill – Live On Forever / The Afters

Seated / Standing Flat Drill [1] – Something Better – Alyson Calagna Extended Remix / Audien (ft. Lady Antebellum)
Seated Flat with increasing cadence – It Works Itself Out / Half Moon Run

Seated / Standing Hill – Unstoppable / Sia
Seated Sprints – Say Goodbye / Cheat Codes
Cool down & Stretch – Rise Up / Andra Day

[1] Details on the Seated / Standing Flat Drill…you’ll need a long rhythmic track for this drill (this extended REMIX track of about 7:30 is just right!). Start the drill with setting the focus on 7 – 60 second segments. Each segment changes the ratio of time seated to time standing. Goes like this: 1st segment – 60s seated, 2nd – 10s standing / 50s seated, 3rd – 20s standing / 40s seated, 4th – 30s / 30s, 5th – 40s standing / 20 seated, 6th – 50s standing / 10s seated, 7th (final segment) – 60s standing…final half minute seated recovery!

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