Momentum 282

Inspiration: Momentum is a powerful thing! But to get it, we need a catalyst. For me, that includes: awesome music, a sweet sound system, a cool...clean...well equipped studio, AND most importantly, a group of dedicated, hard working riders! I hope this mix helps generate the momentum for your best ride yet! Genre: Alternative, Christian, Country, … Continue reading Momentum 282

I Want You 267

Inspiration: Seems like FOREVER since I posted a new mix here...with a new J.O.B., the holiday and summer fun, not much time left in the day. So here's a quick post with a full 60 minute ride for class tomorrow at 5:10AM! Hope you are enjoying your summer and finding time to enjoy the Ride … Continue reading I Want You 267

Spin 097

Summer 2013 SPIN #22 (47 min) 01. 3:48 WARM UP / First Time – Jonas Brothers 02. 3:33 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Rest of Me – Callaway & Rosta 03. 4:52 SEATED HILL & RUNNING w/ RESISTANCE / Spin – Lifehouse 04. 4:07 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Young Blood – The Naked And … Continue reading Spin 097