Take What You Want 489

Inspiration:  I used the full 60m and the shorter 45m versions of this POWERful mix for POWER TEST WEEK…the first week of the October.  Since we’ve used the ICG Power Training on the LifeFitness bikes at DDHY and SNY, I include an extended track (7 or 8 minutes) for members to take a 5m FTP Power Test…some for the first time, and others to re-test.  Generally, riders have a better POWER TRAINING experience after getting a legit Functional Threshold Power score from a Power Test (there are two on-board options a 5 Minute FTP Test or the longer Ramp Test).  For those not interested in the test, it’s an opportunity to ride in the Yellow zone, just above, below and right on top of their FTP.   Some great tracks to add to your Spotify playlist this time too:  God Is A Dancer, Purple Hat, Let Go, La Luna, South of the Border, Win Win, Take What You Want, and Memories are my TOP 8.

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock

Duration:  62 minutes

Playlist and Ride Profile:

Warm up – God Is A Dancer / Tiesto, Mabel

Alt Seated Flat / Standing Runs – A Little Bit Of Love (GATTUSO Remix) / Tritonal, Rachel Platten, GATTUSO

POWER TEST TRACK (8m:15s) or Yellow Zone Training – gula (ov) Pig&Dan Remix / deadmau5, Pig&Dan

Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Purple Hat / Sofi Tukker

Seated to Standing Climb – Secrets / Written by Wolves

Sprints (3X) – Just Used Music Again / 88rising, RHYME SO

Transitional track…moving from Seated Hill to quick Flat to intense Standing Flat with wind resistance – Let Go / Seven Lions, Fiora

Jumps (Alt…optional upper body presses) – Mi Gente / J Balvin, Willy William

Quick Seated Flat with Sprints (3X) – La Luna (Styline Remix) / Kryder, HIIO, Styline

More quick work in the saddle – DALE / ricky retro

Rolling Hills (Seated climb, Standing climb, Seated downhill run…3X) – South of the Border (Cheat Codes Remix) / Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Cheat Codes

Seated Flat with steady increase in speed and resistance – Rebellion (Lies) / Arcade Fire

Deep Trance w/ Sprints (3X) – Win Win (Yotto Remix) / Diplo, Tove Lo, Yotto

Seated to Standing Climb – Take What You Want / Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

Sprints to the FINISH (2X) – Never Be The Same / Tritonal, Rosie Darling

Cool down & Stretch! – Memories / Maroon 5

On Spotify:

Hour Mix

45m version

On YouTube:


Zwift Is Vying for the Olympics—and Just Might Make It




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