Do It Till Your POKER FACE Hurts: Dada v. Gaga Battle Ride 456

Inspiration:  Hills, Intervals, Jumps…Dada Life and Lady Gaga for an hour ride inside.  Enjoy the Ride!

Genre: EDM, Pop

Duration: 62 minutes

Summary Ride Profile & Playlist: 

Warm up – One Last Night On Earth (Speaker of the House Remix) / Dada Life

Alt Seated / Standing Flat – Applause / Lady Gaga

Hill – Born To Rage (USA Version) / Dada Life

Continued Climb / Jumps on a Hill – Poker Face / Lady Gaga

Running on a Hill – Do It Till Your Face Hurts (Hardwell Edit) / Dada Life, Hardwell

Sprints on a Hill – Marry The Night / Lady Gaga

Alt Seated / Standing Flat -The World Can Burn / Dada Life, Max White

Sprints – The Edge of Glory / Lady Gaga

Running on a Hill – So Young so High / Dada Life

Climb – Bad Romance / Lady Gaga

Seated Flat with Leg Drills – One Nation Under Lasers / Dada Life

Jumps – A-YO / Lady Gaga

Riders’ Choice / Free Track – Higher Than The Sun (Steff da Campo Remix) / Dada Life, Steff da Campo

Sprints – Gypsy / Lady Gaga

Cool down – Falling Backwards In Time / Dada Life, RABBII

Stretch – Always Remember Us This Way / Lady Gaga

On Spotify:

On YouTube:

Lady Gaga, SNL guest performance & Dada Life’s One Last Night On Earth…Speaker of the House Remix

SPin the News:

Flywheel and SoulCycle are having an identity crisis



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