Doing It 252

Inspiration: Looking for a 45-minute, non-stop, "race-day" ride? This is IT! Mixed terrain (and genres), high intensITy. Tracks include: Beat It, Pump It, Hit It, Shake It, Whip It, Push It...Crushin' It, Doing It, Killin' It...Leave It, Worth It, Earned It...I Love It! Genre: Pop, Country, Rock, Alternative, Dance. Approximate time: 45 minutes Preview and … Continue reading Doing It 252

Breathe 115

Inspiration: A new mix of old and new...including tracks by Krewella and Daughtry Genre: Alternative, Rock, Pop, Dance Approximate time: 48 minutes Ride Profile & Playlist: 01. 4:27 WARM UP / Waiting For Superman – Daughtry 02. 4:37 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / We Are One – Krewella 03. 3:32 JUMPS / Are You Gonna … Continue reading Breathe 115

‘Till I Collapse 109

Inspiration: Heard track #8 watching Breaking Bad...had to use it for class! Genre: Pop, Jazz, Rap, Rock / Classic Rock, Alternative Approximate time: 52 minutes Ride Profile & Playlist: 01. 4:55 WARM UP / Get Lucky (String Quartet tribute to Daft Punk) – VSQ 02. 3:39 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Only The Horses – … Continue reading ‘Till I Collapse 109