Schedule: Summer 2015

As great as summer is (and its pretty awesome in west Michigan!)'s always disappointing to see a lighter studio cycling class schedule and lower numbers. I plan to use my extra time to balance out my routine with more yoga, cross-fit and strength training...along with more time OUTSIDE. What's on your SUMMER TO DO list? … Continue reading Schedule: Summer 2015

Schedule: November / December 2013

The holiday season is just ahead...exercise and SPIN often! Spartan Stores YMCA – TUE 6:30-7:30PM (Advanced) – SAT 8:50-9:20AM (Beginner / rotation) – SAT 9:30-10:15AM (Intermediate / rotation) – SUN 3:00-3:45PM (Intermediate / rotation) – THANKSGIVING 6:00-7:00AM (Advanced) David D. Hunting YMCA – MON 5:30-6:15AM – TUE 5:15-6:15AM – THR 5:15-6:15AM See YMCA website for … Continue reading Schedule: November / December 2013