New Normal 510

After four months or more since my last post…time for another ride mix to share with all you indoor cycling enthusiasts! I hope you and your riders are well and settling into a NEW NORMAL routine. For me, I continue to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Things are slightly crazier at the DAY JOB, so for my off hours I enjoy the freedom of no scheduled classes! I do have (and AM LOOKING FORWARD TO) a couple Cycle-45 classes that I’m subbing over the next two weeks…so thought I’d write up and post NUMBER 510.

This whole idea of a NEW NORMAL is going to be pretty much a work-in-progress that will take shape over several months, but so far…these are the highlights of my new AND IMPROVED routine: 1. Working from my HOME OFFICE most days of the week, with only 1 (sometimes 2) days at the OTHER OFFICE. 2. Working out at home more, using my updated basement gym for cycling (two kinds: Spinner bike and Schwinn Air Dyne bike), TRX-style resistance bands, hand weighs, and Bosu. 3. Eating a better, semi plant-based diet. 4. Using my Apple Watch fitness tools. 5. Sleeping better (this one is a challenge!). 6. A few other things I won’t get into here.

More important than all this chatter about my evolving routine…here’s the latest playlist and summary ride profile! Like most of my rides…lots of NEW MUSIC (that’s got nothing to do with my new normal!).

WARM-UP – Easy intro with increasing intensity until a strong finish at the end of this 4:33 long track – CALLING HOME / Gareth Emery, Sarah de Warren

ALT SEATED / STANDING RUN – A great FEEL GOOD Sigala track (feat. Rita Ora) to dance out of the saddle when you’re not rocking the ride seated / 2:55 – YOU FOR ME / Sigala, RIta Ora

QUICK SEATED FLAT with SPIN-UPS – Let’s go for a Group Ride…this a great way to rev it up / 2:59 – COLD LIGHT / KC Lights, Leo Stannard

SEATED CLIMB & RUNNING WITH RESISTANCE – Heading up hill…with a vengeance! Powerful out of saddle intervals to push through the resistance of a steep incline / 2:31 – OKAY / Nicky Romero, MARF, Wulf

ROLLING HILLS! – This BAD GUY look alike from Billie is great for one of my favorite ways to work a hill / 3:30 – OXYTOCIN / Billie Elish

STANDING POWER CLIMB – Mostly out of the saddle with short breaks seated…one of my favorites on this ride! / 2:39 – MORE / Mansionair

JUMPS – Great ready to hear this one over and OVER all day long! Perfect for quick jumps in and out of the saddle….how many jumps can you squeeze in just 2:13? – EDAMAME / bbno$, Rich Brian

SEATED / STANDING FLAT – Trance track for a steady state stretch in the saddle with standing recovery in between / 3:30 – PARADOX / Lipless

EXTENDED LENGTH MULTI MOVEMENT FREE TRACK – Just open your mind’s eye and move to it! / 7:24 / nCTRL (Lane 8 Remix) / Sultan + Shepard, Lane 8

STEEP STEADY CLIMB / JUMPS ON A HILL – Don’t hold back on this one…it’s only 2:40 long! – DEVIL / Two Feet

STANDING SPRINTS – Some more Nicky Romero on this one…two BIG standing Sprints to quickly bring your heart rate to MAX! / 3:12 – HERO (Nicky Romero Remix) / Afrojack David Guetta, Nicky Romero

FINAL PROGRESSIVE HILL CLIMB – There’s nothing like a great push from The Score to get you up that last hill of the ride / 2:49 – HEAD UP / The Score

FINAL SPRINTS – Headed home…quickly! Three sprint intervals with short standing recoveries / 2:09 – NOW OR NEVER / Matt Nash

COOL DOWN & STRETCH – Nice work…enjoy this great Khalid recovery track and inspiration for this ride mix! / 3:18 / NEW NORMAL / Khalid

So good to be back on the blog…THANK YOU SO MUCH for following and being part of this amazing community that thrives on indoor / studio cycling! Please take a minute (or two) to LMK what you think and how you’re feeling about your new normal. I hope to get back on a regular schedule here this fall. so until then…take care, BE WELL, stay safe and ENJOY THE RIDE!

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