Ashes To Ashes: David Bowie Memorial Mix 308

Inspiration: Celebrating the musically gifted David Bowie with 100% David Bowie tracks…classics and lesser-known (but indoor cycling friendly) tracks! This was a class request that Spotify made SO EASY to assemble in just a couple hours. So even if you don’t plan to use this for your next workout, listen in!
Be sure to check out the Lazarus music video too.
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 60 minutes

Ride Profile & Tunes:
Warm up – Ashes To Ashes
Seated / Standing – Suffragette City
Seated Hill – This Is Not America
Jumps on a Hill – Let’s Dance
Seated Flat with Leg Drills – China Girl
Jumps – Young Americans
Seated Hill with increasing resistance – Lazarus
Standing Hill – Rebel Rebel
Jumps on a Hill – Fame
Seated Flat with increasing cadence – Hallo Spaceboy (feat. Pet Shop Boys)
Seated / Standing Hill – Golden Years
Free Track (Riders’ Choice) – Dancing In The Streets (feat. Mick Jagger)
Sprints – Real Cool World
Cool down & Stretch – Space Oddity

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