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  • Stay With Me (Endurance Ride) 238

    Stay With Me (Endurance Ride) 238

    Inspiration: I’m behind on my blog and have many playlists yet to post…this one is for Thursday’s 90-minute Endurance Ride. As with most of these Endurance Rides, I like to use longer tracks that have a strong and unique rhythm. Only one current track…Black Sun from Death Cab for Cutie (check out the YouTube video […]

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  • Ain’t It Fun (update) 177

    Ain’t It Fun (update) 177

    Inspiration: With all the air play of Paramore’s AIN’T IT FUN track, I dug out this mix from my post last May 2013. Just one update…added a Bon Jovi track for Rolling Hills. Genre: Alternative, Christian, Dance, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 47 minutes Ride Playlist / Profile: Preview and purchase at iTunes Warm Up – […]

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