WARNING: Lots of photos in this post!

Last weekend Bonnie and I made an unexpected and quick trip to visit our daughter and her fiancé in the River North / Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago…with good conditions and at the right time of day the road trip from Grand Rapids, MI is about 2-1/2 hours.

We packed plenty into a short amount of time…even an early Sunday ride on their new Peloton. Matt gave me a first timer’s overview the night before…it’s very intuitive.

My FIRST RIDE with Peloton and Alex Toussaint

As you can see, the bike is more than a top-quality piece of equipment, it’s practically a piece of art!

From the saddle of the bike, there’s a great view if the city’s northwest side AND the kitchen, dining room and family room.

A good sized, touch screen for navigating and viewing your favorite instructors, rides…and all your post-ride stats

Not up for a instructor-led class, but still want to ride…there are a couple options:

So many Scenic Rides to choose from…

The FEATURED page highlights what’s currently hot for Cycling options with Peloton

Each ride has a PREVIEW with some information about what you can expect:  instructor, duration, a preview, original air date / time, other riders currently doing the same class, the music playlist, and more.  If you’re not ready to ride, but want to check it out later, you can bookmark it.  Alex is one of the top-rated and most streamed instructor on Peloton!

In the home stretch…just about ready for Cool Down! 

This was a great ride…and met my expectations.  The bike was comfortable and super smooth!

Here’s a sampling of the 45-minute POP RIDE with Alex…and the brief “PLAN” (BTW, the Cool Down was more than just a minute)…see the SPOTIFY playlist at the end of this post.

Post-ride you’ll see several charts that recap your performance throughout the ride…I was happy to be near the Top 100 ranking, just about the top 4% of riders (as of last Sunday) and happier yet that I burned about 800 calories!

And then there’s these results…on the screen and the floor mat


Ally Love is another TOP RATED Peloton instructor…Allison squeezed in a 30 minute ride during Super Bowl LIII

Earlier that day, while on Michigan Avenue, we found the Peloton pop-up shop near Nordstrom.   

The TREADMILL is the lastest hot product from Peloton, but there are two bikes also on display here.

Matt and Allison are not only a great couple (this is one of their recent engagement photos), they are great hosts…with or without a Peloton bike available!

My SPOTIFY playlist of the 45 min POP RIDE

FINALLY…more resources if you want to learn more about the PELOTON bike and the PELOTON DIGITAL app…so you can take Peloton on the road, even when the bike stays home.  BTW…with the app you have access to much more than cycling classes, there’s Yoga, Bootcamp, Running/Treadmill, and more to round out your fitness routine.

On YouTube:

2 thoughts on “FIRST RIDE: Peloton

  1. I just bought a Peloton bike and I love it!! The instructors are great and I love that you can pick the genre you want to hear. My only issue is for some reason it’s bothering my knee. I think I have my seat set up correctly. I’ve been teaching spin a few times a week for years with no knee issues.

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    1. That’s really odd about the knee issues you are having…given no history of problems. Seems like there is a good range of adjustability on the seat position too, so I can’t imagine why the problems. Other than that big issue…sounds great and agree with you about the options!


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