Move 435

Inspiration: Keep on MOVING!
Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 47 minutes
Playlist & Summary Ride Profile:
Warm up – SoulMate / Justin Timberlake
Seated Flat / Standing Run – Neon Lights / YAX.X, HiRAPARK
Alt Seated / Standing Climb – Dive / MIKAEL, Emelie Cyreus…
Quick Seated Flat with Accelerations – Toys In The Attic / Aerosmith
Rolling Hills – Lucky Strike / Maroon 5
Seated Hill with Standing uphill Attacks – High On Life / Martin Garrix, Bonn
Alt Seated / Standing Hill with optional Figure 8’s – Make Me Feel / Janelle Monae
Team Sprints…Alt 10’s work/recovery, incr. to 15’s – Move / Pretty Vicious
Alt Seated / Standing Climb, incr. RPM in standing position – White Flag / Daughtry
Transition from Hill to Flat, to increasing resistance, to power climb – Knights Of Cydonia
Final (steep) Climb, start in the saddle, finish standing – Numb / Deadset Society
Sprints (3X), seated, standing/seated, standing – 1, 2, 3! / SEUNGRI
Cool down & Stretch – Start Again / OneRepublic, Logic

On Spotify:

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