#WGTP / We Got The Power 365

Inspiration: What happened to April?
Okay, so it’s not May yet, but this month has gone by quickly and I haven’t posted much here in a while. I thought it was time to SPRING CLEAN the blog, so thanks to WordPress, it is so easy to find a new look (for FREE)…let me know what you think.
I “gave up” Facebook for lent this year and am liking it so much, I haven’t been logged into my account yet! I have been on SPOTIFY and in the CYCLE STUDIO lots this month and have a current 60m playlist (also a shorter 45m version) to share before May gets here. Some notable favorite tracks: The title track by Gorillaz, Reptiles by Flogging Molly, Damn by Sultan + Shepard, the classic 60’s track White Rabbit (for Easter!..??), another class by the Doors…Riders On The Storm, We Win by Mercy Me AND River by Leon Bridges (from an episode of the HBO series Big Little Lies). There are a couple POWER tracks / Running with Resistance here and other interval tracks too.
Enjoy the Ride!
Genre: Alternative, Christian, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 64 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm Up – Hey Mamama (Club Mix) / Tritonal
Seated / Standing Flat – Stay the Night / Jukebox The Ghost
Seated / Standing Hill – Reptiles (We Woke Up) / Flogging Molly
Sprints – Everything Everthing / American Authors
Seated / Standing Climb – Damn / Sultan + Shepard (ft. Red Rosamond)
Steep Seated to Standing Climb – White Rabbit / Jefferson Airplane (ft. Grace Slick)
Seated flat with accelerations – We Got The Power / Gorillaz (ft. Jehnny Beth)
Running with Resistance – Everyday My Life / LVNDSCAPE
Team Sprints (Two teams alternating 10s work / 10s rest) – Promises / Day Wave
Long (8m) Seated to Standing Climb – Riders On The Storm / The Doors
Jumps (Flat) – Shake / MercyMe
Rolling Hills – Little Talks / Of Monsters and Men
Another Hill – F With U – Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign
Sprints – Life in Letters / Pierce Fulton
Jumps on a Hill – We Win / MercyMe
Running with Resistance – Dye My Hair (Endor Remix) / ALMA
Final Sprints (Seated, Combination, Standing) – Panama / Van Halen
Cool down & Stretch – River / Leon Bridges

On Spotify:
Full 60m Ride:

Shorter, 45m version:

On YouTube:

SPin the News:
PEDALING FOR PARKINSON’S (program to be offered at Grand Rapids area YMCA’s)

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