Stay (and FIND IT) 364

Inspiration: This year my SPRING BREAK has been a STAYcation…Spring NO-BREAK Week. NO BREAK is right, I’ve been busy covering other classes for instructors that are getting out of town for the week…going on 12 days in a row with one (or two) classes a day. They’ll all be glad to know I haven’t forgotten to cover their classes AND that they are missing out on the Spring Winter SNOW Storm blowing in tonight for about 24-36 hours before things warm up to the 70’s (gotta love Michigan weather!).
I have a late post of a playlist that I pulled together about 3 weeks ago. A good mix of older and newer tracks to help navigate a mix of terrain.
Be sure to check out one or all of the recent promotional videos from SOULCYCLE that just hit YouTube this morning. Once again, whether you LOVE SOULCYCLE or not, they are masters of marketing their addictive (controversial) style of indoor cycling. The videos are motivational, inspirational and very well done!
Thanks so much for following and your LIKES and comments on these posts of mine…I hope you’re having a great first week of April 2017 at home or away. Enjoy the Ride! Find It!
Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 46 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm Up – Stay / Zedd w/ Alessia Cara
Seated / Standing Flat – Heartbeat Close / Draper
Quick Seated Flat – Any Way You Want It / Journey
Seated / Standing Hill – Innocent Man / Rag ‘n’ Bone Man
Seated / Standing Sprints – Taking Over / Understate (ft. Skinner)
Quick Seated Flat – Dear World, / Nine Inch Nails
Hill Climb – Dirty Laundry / All Time Low
Jumps – Keep Myself Alone Now / Fink
Sprints – Up Up Up / Dvble Trvble
Standing Climb – Immigrant Song / Led Zeppelin
Seated / Standing Flat – Toccata and Fugue / Jennifer Thomas
Seated / Standing Hill – Help / Papa Roach
Sprints – LA Devotee / Panic! At The Disco
Cool down & Stretch – All We Know / The Chainsmokers

On Spotify:

On YouTube:

FIND IT at SOULCYCLE Promo videos:




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2 thoughts on “Stay (and FIND IT) 364

  1. Ha! Thanks for the note Katy…no dance moves, tap-backs or push ups / weight training while on the bike in my classes, but still a good burner. Has SOULCYCLE made it to your area yet? Hope you are well and prepared for longer days (shorter nights). I’m still enjoying that awesome Alaskan pic that you sent me! Have a great week.


  2. Hi Steve!
    You are a crazy man teaching so many rides!!! I watched the SoulCycle video and another one. Thank you for sharing. It looks like they do tap backs alot, weights on the bike, quasi dance moves, spin over 110 RPM and that all their riders weigh about 110 lbs. HA. Find your soul baby and be careful teaching so much. You need rest too!!


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