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  • Do It To It 528

    Do It To It 528

    After reminiscing with a 2015 post earlier this week, I decided to give #252 a REFRESH, and add another 15 minutes for a Full Hour Burner! If you’re ready to DO IT TO IT…this is IT! From a 2020 Lauv track to an 80’s track from Yes, and lots in between…this really is IT! All […]

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  • Great Wide Open:  SPINdurance 2019.6 470

    Great Wide Open: SPINdurance 2019.6 470

    Originally posted on for the ride inside:
    Inspiration:  Tonight was the last FTP 90 of the season…this was a good final ride into Spring, Summer and Fall rides outside.  Many tracks are based on suggested artists and genres from the FTP 90 Tuesday night regulars!  It’s been a great ride since late January when we started…

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  • Trophies: NCAA March Madness Theme Ride 524

    Trophies: NCAA March Madness Theme Ride 524

    Get fired up for the FINAL FOUR…It’s MARCH MADNESS: 19 tracks, 66 minutes, booming stadium beats for a sweet, sweaty RIDE INSIDE!

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  • V Day 521

    V Day 521

    February is the shortest month of the year and yet is packed with month-long themes: Black History, Heart Health, Cancer Prevention, and all-things love, romance, chocolates and flowers. It’s also the month when gyms, fitness clubs and cycle studios return to “normal”…after 30+ days into the new year, resolutioners giving up on wide-eyed plans for […]

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  • C is for Christmas 519

    C is for Christmas 519

    Happy Holidays! I hope this blog post finds you in good health and filled with only the joyous feelings of the Christmas season! After the past 20+ months we do need more JOY all around the world. JOY for the Canum family came just about two years ago with the arrival of our 1st grand […]

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  • Start a Fire 🔥 500

    Start a Fire 🔥 500

    Inspiration:  New day, New Year, NEW DECADE…all start today!  Also today, reached #500 for playlist/ride profile posts here!  Let’s START A FIRE…everyday, every time we’re in the Cycle Studio.  The inspiring SoulCycle FIND IT! promo clip from 2017 always get’s me FIRED UP…I hope this first post, playlist and ride profile do the same for […]

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  • Wellness Grind: Ready To Go! Wendie, author of the Wellness Grind health, wellness & lifestyle blog shared this with me this morning…take a few minutes to check out this post, playlist and DETAILED ride profile. Wendie puts her heart & soul into these rides…this one will get you READY TO GO! Again, Happy New Year…be well & as always, […]

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  • Give It To Me (Now!) 499

    Give It To Me (Now!) 499

    Inspiration: Are you ready?  2020 is just days away!  I say, GIVE IT TO ME…NOW! Yesterday was Schwinn Power certification day for the Lunar Cycle team with Schwinn Master Instructor Abbie Appel…wow!  If you don’t know Abbie, she’s just about everywhere online:, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest…and Spotify!  I’m guessing you’ve heard of or […]

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  • Shoot the Moon 497

    Shoot the Moon 497

    Inspiration:  I’m a little obsessed with the Moon these days!  And so were news reporters recently, as the Cold Moon got plenty of press last week when the last full moon of the decade made its appearance at 12:12am on 12/12/19…and coincidentally, in Grand Rapids, MI it was a COLD moon with the temperature around […]

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  • No Stress 494

    No Stress 494

    Inspiration:  It’s THANKSGIVING week, and I’m sure you didn’t need me to remind you of this! There are mixed emotions around this time of year…heading into December holidays, shorter (and colder) days, a new year weeks away, etc. – all the things that bring on a flood of STRESS for many.  While I’m no master […]

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