Nothing Left 275

Inspiration: Now that I have over a 90 minute round trip commute Monday through Thursday (yes…Fridays off and a THREE DAY WEEKEND!), I have more time to listen to music and find those perfect tunes for sprints, jumps, hills, runs, rolling hills, warmups and cool downs! Here’s a 60 minute mix for my classes this week…we’ll be riding until there’s NOTHING LEFT!
AND…another shout out to SPOTIFY which has been an amazing resource for me and my class ride playlists! If you still haven’t even tried it (free PREMIUM trial for at least 30 days), treat yourself today!
Genre: Alternative, Electronic/Dance, Pop, Rock.
Approximate time: 61 minutes

On YouTube:

On Spotify:


“Oops, we‘re having trouble reaching the iTunes Store!”
(For ride profile and music links, check back later…when iTunes Store is back online)

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