Settle The Score: Super Bowl LVII Mix 544

Whether you’re a fan of the Chiefs or the Eagles…or football…OR NOT, I think you’ll be a fan of this GAME DAY mix! 60 minutes of powerful tracks that will SUPER charge your ride inside.

Summary Profile and Playlist:

  • Warm-up: Numb/Encore / JAY-Z, Linkin Park
  • Combo flat: Ready Right Now / LONIS, Shelly Fairchild
  • Power Climb: Ready For It / J. Pollock, Manwell
  • Attacks on a Hill: This Is It / Oh The Larceny
  • Steep Combo Climb: The Champion / The Score
  • Tabata Sprints: Tick Tick Boom / The Hives
  • Progressive Climb: RISE / League of Legends, Mako, The Word Alive, The Glitch Mob
  • Combo Hill: Walk On Water (R3hab Remix) / Thirty Seconds To Mars, R3hab
  • Sprints on a Hill: Kick / Saint Chaos
  • Combo Climb: Champion / Fall Out Boy
  • Jumps on a Hill: Lose Yourself / Eminem
  • Jumps: Jump Around / House of Pain
  • Combo Hill with Attacks: Seven Nation Army / The White Stripes
  • Quick Seated Flat: I Just Wanna Run / The Downtown Fiction
  • Power Climb: I Don’t Care / Fall Out Boy
  • Combo Hill w/ opt. Figure 8’s: Settle The Score / 7kingZ
  • Final Climb: Natural / Imagine Dragon
  • Final Sprints: Run For Cover / The Killers
  • Cool down & Stretch: GOOD TIME / Niko Moon

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