Join Together 271

rock scroll
Inspiration: ROCK AND ROLL! Some lesser known tracks will still keep you movin’ through this full hour ride. Check out the two current remixed versions of the classics…Join Together and L.A. Woman.
Genre: 100% Classic Rock
Approximate time: 62 minutes
Preview and Purchase these and other CLASSIC ROCK tracks here >>> Classic Rock – Various Artists

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2 thoughts on “Join Together 271

  1. Steve, Like the music mix – do you have a suggested profile to go along with this?

    Thanks again for all you do.



    1. Join Together
      Summary ride profile:
      01-warm up
      02-seated / standing flat
      03-standing hill
      04-seated to standing hill
      05-seated flat
      06-seated hill
      07-seated flat w/ sprints
      08-seated flat w/ leg drills
      09-seated flat / standing hill
      10-seated to standing hill
      11-jumps on a hill
      12-seated / standing hill
      13-free track / active recovery
      14-standing hill
      16-cool down / stretch


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