Rush 189

Inspiration: A few classic rock tracks, along with some current ones…also a recent “request” for Pink’s Raise Your Glass. Check out the Cher Lloyd video on YouTube!
Genre: Alternative, Classic Rock, Dance, Pop.
Approximate time: 64 minutes
On iTunes:
Warm up – One Minute More – In a Tidal Wave of Mystery (Deluxe Edition)
Seated / Standing Flat – Rush – My Life
Seated Flat – Peace of Mind – Boston
Jumps – Rescue – Nocturnal (Deluxe Edition)
Standing Hill & Running with Resistance – Raise Your Glass – Raise Your Glass – Single
Seated Flat with Leg Drills – Now – How Do You Feel? – EP
Sprints – Ready Steady Go! (Corderoy Remix) – Ready Steady Go!
Seated / Standing Hill – Love Never Felt So Good – XSCAPE (Deluxe)
Sprints – Not Giving Up – Living For the Weekend (Deluxe Edition)
Seated Flat – Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who: Greatest Hits
Jumps – Come Get It Bae – G I R L
Seated / Standing Hill – Sirens – Sorry I’m Late
Sprints – Our Story – Mako (not on iTunes)
Cool down and stretch – Life’s Been Good – But Seriously, Folks…


On Spotify:

On YouTube:

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