Boom… 167


Inspiration: I’ve been slowly working on this mix since watching a current season episode of The Following (FOX). Found the warm up track via Shazam in the closing scene. Check out this mix (and the series)!
Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 62 minutes

Ride Profile:
1. Warm up
2. Seated/Standing Flat
3. Seated Flat
4. Jumps
5. Seated Hill / Sprints on a Hill
6. Seated/Standing Hill
7. Running with Resistance
8. Seated Flat w/ leg drills
9. Sprints (3 x 30s)
10. Running with Resistance
11. Seated/Standing Hill
12. Spints (3 x 30s)
13. Cool down & stretch

Ride Playlist on iTunes:
Stand By Me – Kitty Hawk
Lola Montez – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Deluxe Version)
Ride My See-Saw – The Best of the Moody Blues
Boom Boom Boom – 1 Polish 2 Biscuits and a Fish Sandwich
In the Next Room – Habits (Bonus Track Version)
Infatuation – When the Music’s Loud
Heads Will Roll – It’s Blitz! (Deluxe Edition)
Won’t Get Fooled Again – Who’s Next (Bonus Track Version)
Back To the Beginning Again – Fading West
Opena – Opena – Single
Alone Together – Save Rock and Roll
We’ll Be Coming Back (feat. Example) – 18 Months
Man in the Wilderness – The Grand Illusion

On Spotify:

On YouTube:

6 thoughts on “Boom… 167

  1. Thank sharing your playlist Steve! I’ve been teaching spin for 6 years and know how time consuming it is to create workouts and playlists (thank goodness I found spotify!!). I have been using your lists to survive the past few months (mom of 3 year old and 9 month old)z. You’ve really helped me come up with new workouts got each class and helped me find some fabulous music that I would have never found myself. I felt like I couldn’t use another playlist without thanking you!


    1. Thanks for the note Nicole…great to hear you’ve found some helpful playlists and tracks. With those two little ones I’m are your days are FULL. I’m with you about Spotify…a great resource for music junkies like me. Take care…Enjoy the Ride!


    1. Great. Once you get more comfortable with it, there’s no turning back. Let me see what I can find as a helpful resource for new Spotify users. If you ever want to connect overt the phone…I might be able to help (616-340-2202).


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