M is for MONDAY 531

What do think of Mondays? Hope, anxiety, fresh start, dread, happiness, sorrow, indifference?

Merriam Webster’s definition leaves me wanting more… Mon·day: the second day of the week

Another online dictionary gives you this… the day of the week before Tuesday and following Sunday 😝

I always think of Monday as the FIRST day of the week…my work calendar confirms that by putting Sunday right after Saturday…IT’S CALLED THE WEEKEND, i.e the two days at the END of the WEEK! 🤣

Anyways, I generally like Mondays, and since the COVID pandemic and the huge WFH (Work From Home) movement…Monday’s are ALL GOOD. Pre-pandemic, I looked foward to my 5:10AM 60-minute MONDAY MORNING HAPPY HOUR ride, but Post-pandemic, I’m happier with my 6PM 45-minute class on Monday’s at Mary Free Bed YMCA.

I see that several others looked to the internet to learn something deeper about this day. Like something motivating, something positive, or a reason why so many people complain about this FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK!

A great thing about Monday this year is that next week (7/4) is a Holiday. Independence Day ’22 joins Memorial Day, Juneteenth ’22, Labor Day, and few other always-on-Monday holidays.

This post is for my last class before the long holiday weekend…this “M” ride is for our Monday night class with these M-named artists: MUSE (a rider request for more MUSE tunes prompted this), Post MALONE, MADONNA, Bruno MARS, METALLICA, Of MONSTERS and MEN, MACKLEMORE, MEGHAN Trainor, MOTLEY CRUE, MUMFORD & Sons, MARILYN MANSON, MARTIN Garrix, and MAROON 5!

Playlist and Summary Ride Profile:

Warm up:  Wrapped Around Your Finger / Post Malone

Alt Seated / Standing Flat with Spin-ups:  Girl Gone Wild / Madonna

Alt Seated / Standing Climb:  Uprising / Muse

Sprints:  Runaway Baby / Bruno Mars

Seated Climb with Standing Attacks on a Hill:  Enter Sandman / Metallica

Rolling Hills:  Little Talks / Of Monsters and Men

Power Climb:  Glorious / Macklemore, Skylar Grey

Jumps:  Dear Future Husband / Meghan Trainor

Steady Climb:  Girls, Girls, Girls / Motley Crue

Mixed terrain / Rider’s Choice:  I Will Wait / Mumford & Sons

Final Climb:  Personal Jesus / Marilyn Manson

Sprints:  Fire / Martin Garrix, Ytram, Elderbrook

Cool down & Stretch:  Memories / Maroon 5

On SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6Dq0jBUQk1o4eP2WxDg7ob?si=MwI7u1GNTIelhqQvJHxpfQ

On YOUTUBE: This video is about 5 years old and don’t think I saw it until now! MUST SEE…FEEL GOOD VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OrLroFa0AI

spIN THE NEWS: This is for my daughter, due late September…and a PELOTON owner! https://www.thelist.com/900774/can-you-ride-a-bike-while-pregnant/


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