la música es vida: A CycleBar Grand Rapids Update

Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted several updates about this new Grand Rapids studio and some of the cycle instructor crew. For the last three Guest Contributor posts, I missed including a current favorite music playlist from each of them…so keep reading for those playlists! I’ve found that CycleBar, probably more than other indoor cycling studios, puts the music front and center in every class…I’m on board with that thinking! I also have more details to share about their special 4-day Grand Opening Weekend event that STARTS TODAY…March 24th through 27th.

A 4-Day Celebration of CycleBar Grand Rapids!

Finally, I really want this post to be more than just a GRAND RAPIDS feature though. It would be great to have some comments from CycleBar owners, members, instructors, and other employees and interested parties from ALL CycleBar US locations coast to coast…so please take just a few minutes to share some CycleBar LOVE! Please add your comments below…

Nicole Klisch – This mix from my the recent 5:30am class with Nicole:

Cori McCurren“This was a fun one from my classic ride last Sunday!”:

Juanylu Jasso“I was having a hard time choosing 😂 I love music so much and every playlist that I make has an intention, some songs I love so much but can’t use on same playlist so I divide them in some to have a little blast on every class but these are some of my recent faves!!! And that had the most positive feedback too. Since I’m latin, my personal touch is to add at least 1 latin song on every playlist and I love EDM so much too so mostly my last song its a major blast to finish nice and good.”:

MUSIC IS LIFE…Enjoy the Ride!

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