🔥Burning Down The (Studio) 417: 70’s Rock Theme Ride

Inspiration: After EVERY (well, ALMOST every) class I ask for music suggestions from our members, and while I've been warned that I shouldn't...I still do! My best attended class on Friday mornings made a collective recommendation for a Classic Rock Ride (70's ERA!)...so it should be a crowd pleaser. Only problem is, I put this … Continue reading 🔥Burning Down The (Studio) 417: 70’s Rock Theme Ride

TNT (70’s Theme Ride) 363

Inspiration: The Friday Eve class has been requesting a 70's Theme ride for a couple weeks, so I finally put this one together...LET'S RIDE! Genre: Pop, Rock, 70's Approximate time: 62 minutes SPINlist and Summary Profile: Warm Up - Do It Again / Steely Dan Seated / Standing Flat - Free Ride / The Edgar … Continue reading TNT (70’s Theme Ride) 363