Keep Going 518

I’ll kg if you do! Thanks for the encouraging and supportive shout-outs…keeps me going for sure.

A late post is better than no post, so check out this current mix for a 45-minute class / workout. These days can be the most stressful of the entire year…so take time for self-care and a stress-busting ride INSIDE.

Maybe one or two more posts to close out 2021, otherwise…see you in 2022.

My TOP PICK tracks: Adrenaline, Boba, Playground, Breathless, and UrgeENJOY THE RIDE!

Seated / Standing Warm-up – SUNGLASSES / Sagan, Sam Russell

Seated Flat, Standing runs – MY UNIVERSE (Galantis Remix) / Coldplay, BTS, Galantis

Quick Seated Flat + Spin-ups – ADRENALINE / Kattison, Will Matta

Jumps with “double-time” intervals – NO / Little Mix

Random Sprint intervals – DOUSED / DIIV

Hill climb, Alt seated / standing – HEARTLESS / Moodshift, Oliver Nelson, Lucas Nord, flyckt

Attacks on a Hill – KEEP GOING / HRRTZ, SHELLS

Heavy rhythmic hill climb – BOBA (Remix) / Lincoln Jesser

Freestyle / Riders’ Choice – STAY STAY STAY (Taylor’s Version) / Taylor Swift

Alt Seated / Standing Flat – 15 MINUTES / Julian Lamadrid

Alt Seated / Standing Hill – LIKE GOLD / Loud Luxury, Frank Walker, Stephen Puth

Quick seated run – FORTUNATE SON (Nowhere Sessions) / Rise Against

Progressive, steep uphill climb! – PLAYGROUND / Bea Miller

Final Sprints, Seated…Standing – BREATHLESS / Tony Junior, Futuristic Polar Bears, Skazi

Cool down & Stretch – URGE / Calista Del Toro




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