The Greatest 347

Inspiration: The year is just about over, and I’m still working on that perfect playlist…The Greatest mix of music for your Greatest journey (and workout!). I found some newer SANTANA on Spotify…check out both tracks that actually work well as one. A couple ride-worthy tracks by MUSE and OF MONSTERS AND MEN. I’m listening to NO ROOTS and SAY YOU WON’T LET GO a lot this week too.
Happy Holidays!
Genre: Alternative, Christian, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 62 minutes
Ride Profile & Tunes:
Warm Up – The Greatest / Sia with Kendrick Lamar
Seated / Standing Flat – Neon Lights / YAX.X
Seated to Standing Hill – Burning Down The House / Talking Heads
Quick Seated Flat (Extended stretch) – Choo Choo & All Aboard / Santana
Running with Resistance – Love Again / D-Wayne
Team Sprints – Knights Of Cydonia / Muse
Rolling Hills – Wherever You Go / The Treble
Seated / Standing Hill – Not Lost / Contiez
Seated Flat with increasing resistance / speed…intensity – Thousand Eyes / Of Monsters and Men
Standing Climb – New Lease On Life / MercyMe
Sprints – Champion / The Chevin
Seated / Standing Hill with Speed work – Baba O’Riley / The Who
Seated / Standing Hill – No Roots / Alice Merton
Sprints – Lucky Strike / Maroon 5
Cool down & Stretch – Say You Won’t Let Go / James Arthur

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