All Right Now 254

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Inspiration: Picked up another class to sub for Melissa at the Spartan Stores YMCA…one of my favorite class times (TGIF!). This was an hour-long class and called for some of my recent favorite tracks used on other playlists. This ride has a little bit of everything, mostly interval tracks for flat road and hills too.
Genre: Pop, Country, Rock, Alternative, Dance.
Approximate time: 63 minutes
Preview and Purchase at iTunes:
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ITune Store track links for playlist All Right Now 254

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Believe – Mumford & Sons</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Ready to Go – Republica</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>The Stroke (Remastered) – Billy Squier</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>It All Starts Here – Magic Man</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Higher (feat. Labrinth) – Sigma</a>

Sun & Moon, Above & Beyond. (Not available on iTunes)

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Erase (feat. Priyanka Chopra) – The Chainsmokers</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Worth It – Fifth Harmony</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>All Right Now – Free</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Truffle Butter (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne) – Nicki Minaj</a>

<a href=”” target=”itunes_store”>Dynamite (feat. Christina Novelli) – Single – Gareth Emery</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Boat Montage – Clint Mansell</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Coming for You – Single – The Offspring</a>

<a href=”; ” target=”itunes_store”>Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Wildfire – Borgeous</a>

<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Trailer Hitch – Kristian Bush</a>

Warm-Up – Believe, Mumford & Sons – New music and great track that builds for the perfect start the your ride!

Seated / Standing Flat – Ready to Go, Republica – Time to get into the work out with this motivating blast from the 90’s

Slow and steady Hill climb – The Stroke, Billy Squire – Another look back for a classic that’s perfect for a hill climb that gets steeper and more intense as you go…

Seated Flat with individual (or team) Sprints – It All Starts Here, Magic Man – With classes under 12, try an individual sprint routine or use a team format for 12+…just start by leading off with a 10-15 sec all-out sprint and then switch to the next person…like a relay. Repeat as many times as you can! I used this for first time last week and was a fun way to increase participation, person by person.

Seated Hill & Running with Resistance – Higher, Sigma – Love this track for intense uphill runs (2X)

Seated Flat steady transition to Seated / Standing Hill – Sun & Moon, Above & Beyond – This one goes back to 2011 and found it as the top streamed track for this group on Spotify…check it out!

Seated Sprints (2X) – Not the greatest video, but it’s the full track…great for sprint intervals.

Seated / Standing Hill with optional Figure 8’s – Worth It, Fifth Harmony – One of the hottest tracks on pop charts now and a fun track for the cycle studio…

Continued hill work…Seated and then Standing Hill – All Right Now, Free – More Classic Rock for this extended Hill work!

Jumps – Truffle Butter, Nicki Minaj with Drake and Lil Wayne (Explicit Lyric Video) – Love the hypnotic beat of this one, perfect for non-stop jumps…

Seated / Standing Sprints – Dynamite, Gareth Emery – Start with first 30s sprint in the saddle on flat road, second time, add on the resistance and take it up to a standing uphill sprint with this great track!

Free Track / Active Recovery – Boat Montage, Clint Mansell – Take 2 (2:19 to be exact) and enjoy & move to this great drum beat track…the end is near

Seated / Standing Hill – Coming for You, The Offspring – Powerful hill work…mostly out of the saddle, but do what you want (and need) to do!

Seated Flat with increasing headwind – Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen – A perfect classic rock track for the Spin Studio!

More Spints! – Wildfire, Borgeous – A favorite track for intense sprints to the finish!

Cool down & Stretch – Trailer Hitch, Kristian Bush, found this on Spotify’s New Music Tuesday…one of those rare Country tracks for my SpinList. New favorite of mine!


On Spotify:

On YouTube…a SHORT demo video from Grit Cycling on how to use Figure Eights as an optional modification to a standing hill…

3 thoughts on “All Right Now 254

  1. Steve,
    You are amazing. Popping out play lists like crazy! I do a new profile every week but you are over the top awesome. Thanks for sharing. 🙂



    1. Thanks “Buns” for the AMAZING comment and for following FOR THE RIDE INSIDE! I was just cleaning up my Spotify account and found several playlists I had started but not finished or posted yet…so there’s more to come! Have a great week, Be Well and Enjoy the Ride! Steve

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