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TEST RIDE: Fzique – Grand Rapids


Since my visit to Allegro Coaching, I heard from someone in one of my cycling classes about another cycling studio in town…Fzique. After some more searching, found their website and made plans for a studio visit. Fzique opened late April 2014 and continues to build their “community” by way of social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and involvement in events with fitness partners like Lululemon Athletica.

Pre-class/ride planning
The Fzique website is comprehensive with resources for learning more about Fzique’s culture, studio, classes, instructors, etc. I left a message by phone regarding a TRIAL studio visit and class and got a return call within 24 hours. I also created an account and booked my first class via their MINDBODY account. I had to cancel my Saturday AM class and ended up dropping in for a mid-morning class on a weekday morning. After some time with their impressive website I was looking forward to the visit.

I arrived about 10 minutes prior to class at their location next door to Bonefish Grill (a great landmark for me…next to one of my favorite restaurants in SE Grand Rapids). The studio was clearly new, clean, and most appealing of all other specialty fitness studios that I’ve been to in the Grand Rapids area. Cycling appears to be the featured class here, but there are Yoga and Kettlebell options too. Bright white walls, mix of concrete and wood flooring, high / open ceilings and many amenities for clientele: reception area, studio/logo wear, lockers, bench seating, private changing room, unisex restroom (but no showers), and 3 separate studios (cycling, group ex/yoga, weights/other). Class participants have access to their inventory of cycling shoes, bottled water and towels. The owner and instructor for this weekday morning class greeted customers and got everyone set up for class. For today’s class that was just three of us (one other first timer and a regular).






The cycle studio is nearly PERFECT! Fully enclosed with no outside lighting, stadium design with three levels, premium sound system, creative lighting and spacious enough for 30 bikes without a sense of being crowded. Bikes are Spinners (NXT?) custom finished in white with the Fzique logo. As an added feature, each bike is set up with a set of weighted balls (the size of chi-balls, weighing about 4 lbs.). This explains why the Fzique cycle classes are called BALLISTIC. Missing from the studio (that you might find elsewhere)…fans, video display monitors, and monitors for performance metrics: cadence, resistance settings, heart rate, watts/power, ride distance/elapsed time.

Time to Ride
Our small group got started a few minutes past the scheduled start time with a quick warm up and then got right into a FULL-body workout. Focus areas: arms, core and legs. Emphasis on arms and core. If you are an avid follower of the Spinning method, this is not the class for you. If you are a fan of the CYC method, this is the studio to visit in the GR area. See the video links for both Fzique and CYC below.
The class was about 45 minutes from warm up to cool down and included all the following elements:
Standing / seated runs
Standing / seated hill climbs
Hand positions 0, 1, 2 and 3
“Tap backs”
Push ups
Arms work with and without the set of weighted balls
Pre / Post ride upper body stretches on and off the bike
By far, most work was out of the saddle with heavy focus on arms and core.
The music and sound for Ballistic classes at Fzique is another signature feature! Remixed versions of pop, classic rock and EDM tracks prepared by a professional DJ. Other than the lead (gold) bike, the instructor’s podium is equipped with a full featured DJ control panel. The music volume level is set high and black lights turned on to complete the dance club atmosphere in the cycle studio.

One of the best full body cycling classes since my visit to Flywheel in Chicago. Along with the facility and prime location…this studio is a must see. If you are interested in more than just cycling, Fzique also offers Yoga and Kettlebell classes. A variety of packages are offered to meet your needs and budget.

Other resources:
Fzique website
Fzique preview video
CYC Method video

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  1. Cycling classes are all over the place in terms of formatting. If I am a participant training for a road race or triathlon, I want my cycling class to mimic what I will be doing on my bike outside. If I am looking for a crazy, fun, sweaty workout, I might love to take (and teach) something like this:

    We may want to seriously look at defining our cycling classes to help participants know what they’ll be getting ahead of time. 🙂


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