Life Is Beautiful 174


Inspiration: This is my 200th blog post and my last playlist post for a while. This year for Lent I’ll be taking a break from making playlists & blog posts…returning in about 46 days after the Easter holiday. This mix includes some favorites from my earlier (Spin)spiration playlists. Take care and Enjoy the Journey & the Ride!
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Approximate time: 46 minutes
Ride Playlist:
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Life Is Beautiful – Life Is Beautiful
Just Might Change Your Life – These Simple Truths (Deluxe Edition)
Never Give Up – Welcome to Daylight
One Foot – Listen to the Sound
Outta My Mind – Anthem Lights
Ready or Not (feat. Lecrae) – Gold
You Will Never Leave Me – These Simple Truths
Supernatural (Remastered) – Supernatural (Remastered)
The Lost Get Found – The Lost Get Found
Shake – Welcome to the New
The Rescue – The Rescue
Amazing Life – Gold
Un nouveau soleil – You and the Night (Original Soundtrack)

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4 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful 174

    1. Sorry but I don’t have the ride profile for this one…and it was far enough back I can’t say for sure…other than it has a pretty typical mix of flat road, hill climbs and sprints! Enjoy the ride!


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