Fire On The Mountain 118

Inspiration: One of more 60 minute playlists to come, now that I have more longer classes on the schedule. This one has lots of hill climbin’. I like the 11 minute track Silent by Delerium / Tiesto.
Genre: Alternative, Christian, Rock, Pop, Dance
Approximate time: 61 minutes
Ride Profile & Playlist:
01. 3:23 WARM UP / What I Live For – Luminate
02. 3:45 ROLLING HILLS / Kiss Kiss – Prince Royce
03. 4:06 SEATED & STANDING HILL / The Wire – Haim
04.11:26 SEATED FLAT w/ DRILLS / Silence (Tiesto Remix) – Delerium
05. 4:13 SPRINTS ON A HILL (3 x 25s) / Witchcraft – Pendulum
06. 3:41 JUMPS ON A HILL / Work That Body – Josh Hoge
07. 7:27 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Applause (Bent Collective Club Mix) – Lady Gaga
08. 3:10 SPRINTS (4 – 10,20,25,30) / So Long, And Thanks For All The Booze – All Time Low
09. 5:10 SEATED HILL & RUNNING w/ RESISTENCE / Fire On The Mountain – Rob Thomas
10. 6:13 SEATED FLAT w/ ACCELERATIONS / Keep Hope Alive – The Crystal Method
11. 4:26 SEATED HILL / Going Down – Sammy Hagar
12. 2:57 SPRINTS (4 x 20s) / D’Ya Wanna Go Faster – Terrorvision
13. 4:44 COOL DOWN & STRETCH / I May Not Be A Star – Lenny Kravitz

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6 thoughts on “Fire On The Mountain 118

  1. Just wanted to say – I really like this playlist!! I have a personal aversion to pop music, but I have to constantly remind myself that my class isn’t about ME, and I really try to have a lot of diversity in my music. I love that you do as well. I especially love your use of All Time Low; love their new release.

    I teach one hour and 30-minute express cycling classes (and used to do a 48-minute class). It’s definitely a different approach.


    1. Thanks for the post Bonnie…where do you teach?
      At my Y, we’re going to a three class format: 30 min beginner, 45 min intermediate and 60 minute advanced class. We also have a 90 min Endurance class.
      Enjoy the Ride!


  2. I always get some new Great ideas from you – Thank You !
    And once in a while, (like today ) I feel like I discovered a new song for my cycle class, only to find it on your site~
    I just put ” The Wire” – HAIM , in my new playlist today !! I love when that happens ~ Reinforces my thoughts that I have a “good song” !!


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