Now that it’s been a year, here are some reflections on Spinning® and becoming a certified class instructor.

I’ll never forget that first class at the Ramblewood Tennis & Fitness Center in suburban Grand Rapids, MI. It was the mid 1990’s and a new exercise class was sweeping the nation…Spinning®. After the preliminary business of signing a safety waiver (after all, Spinning® can be “an intense cardiovascular workout”), buying the class punch card and getting equipped with the cycling gear, I (and wife, Bonnie) we’re ready to experience Dutchie’s class. After many other classes, in a variety of clubs not much has changed: loud & inspiring music, chilled (then steamy) dark studios filled with passionate indoor riders.

More recently, I got back into a Spinning® routine of 2-3 classes a week at the Davenport University Student Center. I looked into another path for the indoor cycling enthusiast…getting certified via the Mad Dogg Athletics instructor program so I could teach classes at a local fitness center.

It was a cold and rainy Saturday in mid-October (it literally rained all day long), so participating in a 8-9 hour class with an amazing Spinning®-trained Master Instructor (Angie Scott) was the perfect place to be…along with 20+ other instructors-in-training.

In the few weeks that followed, the test was taken, certification received, playlists created and I was on road looking for work. Remarkably it didn’t take long to make connections at the local SNAP Fitness, YMCA and private fitness centers. By January 2013 I was on the schedule at SNAP and hired to sub classes at the Y!

Things have settled since the early euphoria of the Winter/Spring “busy season”. I’m teaching (and still taking) classes at two Y branches in Greater Grand Rapids…not looking back. It’s been a great ride! I am so fortunate to be with the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, truly a community and wellness focused organization…Justin and Chelie’s Wellness team at the Spartan Stores YMCA is great (Courtney, Breanna and others at the downtown David D. Hunting branch are just as passionate about fitness and the community).

Finally…a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and inspired me along the way: Dutchie, Margaret, Raeanne, Jeff, Chelie, Justin, Martha, Kim, Hillary, Ellie, Angie, Suzanne and most importantly my family…wife Bonnie and daughters Brittany and Allison!

Be Well & Enjoy the Ride!

One thought on “Spinning®…certified

  1. You Rock! Steve. You have the passion and the enthusiasm to continue to be an amazing instructor for years to come. Your students are blessed to have you as their instructor. You should be very proud of yourself…I know I am so proud of you. Keep up the amazing work touching people’s lives inside and outside of the cycle room. I’m lucky to call you my friend 🙂


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