Better Together: Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month (PFP Ride) 472

Inspiration:  April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month and Pedaling for Parkinson’s is a cycling program to help those with PD! This is my 45-minute playlist for a PFP class I am subbing this Friday morning! While this playlist / ride profile was made specifically for the PFP class this week, I’m planning to use this in all my 45-minute classes this month to help raise awareness for both PD and the PFP program.

THIS MONTH…can you take time to raise awareness of PD and the PFP program?


Genre: EDM, Christian, Pop, Rock

Duration:  49 minutes

Playlist and Summary Ride Profile: 

Warm-up – Tell Your Heart To Beat Again / Danny Gokey

Seated Flat with accelerations and increasing resistance – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Club Mix) / Avicii

Seated Climb with increasing resistance – Bitter Sweet Symphony / The Verve

Seated Flat with increased RPMs and accelerations / sprints – Better Together – OFFAIAH Remix / Hayden James, Running Touch

Steady, quick pace…seated flat – Mr. Blue Sky / Electric Light Orchestra

Powerful seated climb, increased cadence at the half, and finish with increased resistance – Stonehenge / Paul Oakenfold

Final powerful push, seated climb / running on a hill intervals – Amazing – Kaskade Remix / Seal

Active recovery to start…alt seated flat and climbs – Smooth / Santana, Rob Thomas

Cool down & Stretch – Better / Khalid

On Spotify:

On YouTube:

“In September 2018 World famous DJ, recording artist, producer and UK house music pioneer Oakenfold was the first ever DJ to play a gig at Stonehenge. The invite only-gig captured worldwide press and TV attention as went down as an iconic moment in dance music history.”

SPin the News:

Medical News Today: How does exercise impact cognitive

function in Parkinson‘s?

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