Wanted 471

Inspiration:   This may be your MOST WANTED ride & playlist for April!  So much great, current music here…and a BURNER 60-minute ride profile too.  I recently discovered an artist that I love for her motivational, get fired-up music, RAYELLE!  Like many good finds…Rayelle’s GET READY is from a TV commercial…this one from the current Samsung Galaxy S10 commercial that runs seemingly non-stop these days.  If missed it, or just don’t watch TV, here it is.  This profile is loaded with climbs, jumps, sprints, attacks, and a 5-MINUTE FTP POWER TEST (I will be doing these OPTIONAL Power Tests as part of my scheduled ICG Power Training classes the first week of the month.  Finally, don’t miss the inspirational Warm-up and lesser-known (2003) but great cool-down track.

Here’s to MARCH (..and YOU) going out like a LION…and to your best APRIL ever, ENJOY THE RIDE!

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock

Duration:  62 minutes

Playlist and Summary Ride Profile: 

Warm-up – Wanted / Danny Gokey

Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Insomnia / Daya

Seated to Standing Climb – Get Ready / Rayelle

5-MINUTE POWER TEST – New Comedown / Plague Vendor (2X)

Alt Seated Flat / Jumps – Wow. / Post Malone

Seated Hill / Standing Power Climb – Trouble is Your Middle Name / Whitesnake

Seated Flat – In My Arms (Vocal Mix) / Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic, Nikki Ambers

Standing Sprints on a Hill – Turn It Up / Armin van Buuren

Quick Seated flat with Spin-ups – Calm / Vistas

Standing Climb with short breaks in the saddle – I Love It / Rob Thomas

Jumps / optional upper-body presses – The Bounce / Outasight

Progressively intense climb…Seated / Standing – Despicable / grandson

Quick pushes – This Ain’t Techno / David Guetta, Tom Staar

Quick active recovery and Sprints (2X) – What We Do (Shaze & Pigalle Remix) / Notalike, Etta Matters, Itto, Shaze & Pigalle

Quicker Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Hustle / Pink

Final Climb start Seated, finish Standing – Settle The Score / 7kingZ

Seated / Standing Sprints (3X) – Don’t Give Up On Me / Armin van Buuren, Lucus & Steve, Josh Cumbee

Cool down & Stretch – This is Goodbye / Honestly

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SPin the News:

I took a Peloton cycling class every day for 2 weeks straight.

Here’s what happened.


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