Riding As A Lifestyle: A Guest Blog Post by RJ

For January’s Guest Post, I am so happy that this regular rider took time to share a special message. (BTW…by “regular” I mean FREQUENT, certainly not ordinary!). We share an ear for music and a passion for the power of cycling. Take just a few minutes to meet RJ…

I was just 20 years old when a friend challenged me to ride with him. We were in Japan, where traffic is backward from USA. I fell at the first stoplight. So began the great race of life.

Photo:  RJ and the CYCLING STUDIO family at the MARY FREE BED YMCA, Cascade Township, MI

My name is Randy McClary. I currently have three different bikes, but spend the bulk of winter riding on one wheel that doesn’t even touch the ground. Spinning has become more than a winter space to stay consistent, it has become a family gathering. Every morning the alarm goes off and a smile reaches my face. Not only for the workout but also for the time of seeing guys and gals that have become more than 45-minute a day partners in sweat. Over the classes, we have discovered what we do for work, our real reasons for spinning and even decided to ride group rides outside!

Years ago, there was a group of tight friends. We rode mountain bikes, not because they were cool, but because we were riding down mountains. We were crazy. Not sure if I could do any of those rides anymore, but the friends are still close. We see each other and talk about bikes, family and what we’re doing next to keep ourselves on the saddle.

When you ride, you move from somewhere to HEALTHIER. From alone to a GROUP, from wondering to KNOWING. Not all rides have to be inside or outside. Rides can be just rides. I’ve rode in many states and more than a few countries. Riding is universally accepted as a way to see the world around us and to meet the people within.

So in the end, I challenge you all to take up a new spin class, buy a different type of a bike, and especially ride the bike you have. I guarantee…if you show up with a Schwinn or Huffy, you are going to be the talk of the ride! Don’t worry about having the best shoes, newest jersey or most aerodynamic helmet. Those things are not going to help you after the ride when you meet a great group of new friends. Friends that just might be with you for decades.


– RJ

Thanks again Randy for sharing some great memories and insights! See you soon for some FTP 90 endurance rides downtown!

4 thoughts on “Riding As A Lifestyle: A Guest Blog Post by RJ

  1. clap, clap RJ, your 1/30/2019 article is almost as amazing. as 5 a.m. cycling which really is the best. Especially at Wolverine Y on Monday, better known as happy hour. We watch out for each other. I concur, you learn what people do for a living, about their families and connect in a fun healthy environment. I have learned, it doesn’t matter the type of cycle variety is great, each teacher brings something to the table. With that, Monday with Steve is my favorite. Thank you for your article and sharing your cycling perspective.

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  2. One of my favorite things about the 5 am cycling and RPM crew is the relationships that have grown and deepened. It’s much easier to get up and get there – in the snow and cold – when you will see this family reading to get rolling on the bike! Love the post!

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