364 days and counting…

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of my internet blog featuring all things Indoor Cycling / Spinning®!

In the past year I have a whole new appreciation for the amazing BLOG community. It’s great having a global connection to others who share my enthusiasm (obsession) for Indoor Cycling / Spinning®. WordPress® is such a great, free resource to keep that connection going strong.

I’m planning to update things here over the next few months, but today I scratch one off my TO DO list…an updated name: FOR THE RIDE INSIDE…it fits and the .com domain name was available.

Thanks for visting, following and sharing what’s on your mind (and your Playlist).

See you again soon!

AND here’s a quick run down of stats after 1 year of blogs:
– 120+ posts
– 100+ playlists & ride profiles
– 110,000+ views by people in 100+ countries
– 90+ followers
– …and plenty of pictures, videos and Spotify® links!

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