TGIF! Random thoughts about indoor cycling…

Without a guest post (again), I found SEVEN interesting resources and stories to share.  AND…if you are a regular indoor rider, and can put your thoughts on the keyboard…let’s connect!  Email me at, and we’ll set up a guest blog post on FOR THE RIDE INSIDE soon.

#1 – Whether you’re a first timer, or a frequent flyer not hitting the sweet spot…check out these spot-on tips from a recent SHAPE article:

10 Ways to Have a Better Indoor Cycling Class


#2 – Not sure how to recap this one…touches on Peloton, SoulCycle, men and women, rich and poor!

What’s Really Behind the Spin Bike Backlash

Eben Weiss


#3 – A familiar story of injured athlete meets Cycle Studio while on the road to recovery…with a gender twist!

Gendered Resistance (in Indoor Cycling)

Bethan (a runner, yogi and PhD student from London…and indoor cycling enthusiast!)


#4 – Short and sweet, five posture tips for indoor cyclists…a quick read and worth a look.

The Simple Mistake Almost Everyone Makes At Spin Class (And How To Fix It)

Cassie Piasecki

#5 – 7 – Three videos I found on YouTube:  A longer one just under 20 minutes, a 7-minute Peloton review and a quick 3-minute before/after clip.

All Things Bike with Fred Thomas

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