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(Legs) Are Movin (10 Indoor Cycling Playlists) 257

Inspiration: Here’s the last of three posts today…cleaning up my Spotify playlist archive. This time, 10 studio cycling / workout playlists for a full one-hour session each. Some of these go back a few months, others are more current.
Genre: Variety of genres
Approximate time: 60-63 minutes

On Spotify:
(Legs) Are Movin 257.1

Here I Go Again 257.2

Long Live Rock & Roll 257.3

The Anthem (Theme Ride) 257.4

When Can I See You Again? 257.5

The Night Is Still Young 257.6

Got a Feeling (Theme Ride) 257.7

Rock Your Body (Theme Ride) 257.8

Shake That (Theme Ride) 257.9

Hell Yeah (Theme Ride) 257.10

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