TEST RIDE: Allegro Coaching – Grand Rapids

allegro coaching
Other than Cycling XT (no INDOOR rides during the summer), with this post I made it to the last of the Grand Rapids area specialty/boutique cycling studios this weekend. Like many other studios in the area, Allegro Coaching is really much more than Indoor Cycling…Personal Training, Les Mills Group Ex classes, Bootcamp, TRX, Corporate Wellness and Training programs, etc.

Pre-class/ride planning
I learned about Allegro from a YMCA member and discovered more at their website. For cycling and other group ex classes, instructor profiles, class descriptions and schedules are available online via Mind/Body, like a few other studios in the area.

Ride Recap
When I arrived about 10 minutes before class, the studio was just starting to get busy with more than just cycling class to get the Saturday AM schedule underway. The space was divided into two large studios, with about 12 Spinner Pro bikes in the second studio. Heather was on the schedule as a sub for the 7:30AM cycle class and positioned a whiteboard beside her bike with a ride profile map, detailing the terrain and intensity of the 45-55 minute ride. Our group of 7 started on schedule with a 5+ minute warm up. Much of the ride was in saddle, working flat road and hills. A few sprints along the way, but no jumps this time. A good endurance / recovery ride with just the right level of intensity for the day. The temperature, ventilation, sound system, music, equipment and facility in general were just right. Their Spinner Pro bikes did not have computers for monitoring RPMs, HR, watts, time, distance…which is is bigger deal these days since more studios have integrated technology and performance metrics. Bring your own water/water bottle and towels. More details about their program, rates, schedules are on the website.

From my short visit on the weekend, Allegro appears to have the most comprehensive offering of fitness, wellness and training/coaching programs and classes of other studios in the area (that include cycling). The location in Eastown area, near East Grand Rapids and Aquinas College is great. Check out their first class website and then check out the studio for a class sometime soon.

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