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TEST RIDE: Symmetry Training & Fitness – Grand Rapids


Last night I talked my wife Bonnie into making a studio visit before heading off to church today. Here’s the recap of our 8AM class with Kelly at Symmetry Training & Fitness studios on the SE side of Grand Rapids.

Pre-class/ride planning
Like most things these days, the customer experience starts with the company’s website or a Google/Bing/Yahoo search. This is how I found Symmetry…searching INDOOR CYCLING GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN. Symmetry is the third link. FYI…the number ONE item in the search CYCLING XT is not offering classes again until after Labor Day weekend (school, and indoor cycling, is out for the summer due to limited demand).
Back to Symmetry…
Due to the last minute plans, I called and left a message at the number on their website. Symmetry followed up quickly and Bonnie and I were all set for our first (FREE) class at the studio on 29th Street. The website is packed with other information about Symmetry, including their BLOG, TRAINERS, CHALLENGE, CLASSES and MEMBERSHIP Program. An added bonus for interested fitness enthusiasts…the first TWO classes are FREE (as of June 2014). This studio also uses the MIND/BODY fitness class reservation system to hold your space in class.

We arrived about 15 minutes before the scheduled class time and were greeted by Kari with a waiver form to complete. Kari (aka The Widow-maker) is a co-owner of the studio and showed us around and gave a brief history of the studio. Cycling has been offered for just about four months. Like another studio I visited this month, a large part of the program is focused on Personal Training. Currently the Cycling component is small…just 8 Schwinn Indoor Cycles. Bring your own water/water bottle, but towels and A GREAT WORKOUT are provided. More details about their program, rates, schedules are on the website.

Time to Ride
Kelly took time to greet the six of us booked for this class, and assist with bike fit. We started on time with lights down, music up and fans blowing. There were some issues with the instructor’s mic, but other than that…everything was on track for a good ride/class. Form checks, queues, music, movement variation, drills, energy, etc. were all on! Kelly was content staying on her bike from warm up to cool down. We covered a good mix of intensity, speed and terrain. In one 4-6 minute segment we did some focused Heart Rate training (though not everyone was using a HRM). No other visual elements like lighting or video. We had a great extended period at the end for stretching! In about 65 minutes my Polar HRM showed about 800 calories burned…not bad.

About the bikes…
Sounds like Symmetry staff did some involved research before purchasing their studio cycles and went with Schwinn A.C. Sport Indoor Cycling Bikes.
scwhinn AC bike
Initially I couldn’t get that comfortable feel that I do with other bikes (like Keiser M3, Spinner NXT, LiveStrong), but after getting settled in I really liked the feel of the flywheel and pedal stroke…at higher speeds and resistance settings. On board computers link with HRM transmitters and show RPMs and elapsed time. Too bad there was no indicator for resistance level or overall watts / power output.

GR residents / visitors interested in a solid cycling class should check out Symmetry…and I need to plan my second complimentary session. Based on our experience this morning, it shouldn’t be long before Symmetry purchases more bikes to expand their Cycling program. Enjoy the Ride…INSIDE!

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