Do Something 159

Inspiration: Some old and new tracks including these favorites: Do Something, Love Don’t Die, Under Control and Tick Tick Boom
Genre: Alternative, Christian, Dance, Rock and Pop
Approximate time: 64 minutes
Ride Playlist:
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Do Something – Into the Light
Shooting Star – The Midsummer Station
Tongue Tied – Never Trust a Happy Song
The Walker – More Than Just a Dream (Deluxe Version)
Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry) [Bonus Track] – Want (Deluxe Edition)
Under Control (feat. Hurts) – Under Control (feat. Hurts) – Single
Howlin’ for You – Brothers (Deluxe Version)
Sweater Weather – I Love You.
We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) – Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)
So Blind (feat. Mickey) – Electro No.1 – Sexy Electro Beats in the Mix
Tick Tick Boom – The Black and White Album
Love Don’t Die – Helios
Golden Train – Penguin Prison
I’m a Freak (feat. Pitbull) – I’m a Freak (feat. Pitbull) – Single
Lucky – Way Down Low

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Class Ride Profile:
1. Warm up
2. Seated & Standing Flat
3. Seated & Standing Hill
4. Jumps
5. Standing Hill & Seated Sprints
6. Running with Resistance
7. Standing Hill & Jumps
8. Seated & Standing Hill
9. Seated Flat & Standing Hill
10. Seated & Standing Hill
11. Sprints
12. Seated & Standing Hill
13. Seated & Standing Hill with Sprints
14. Seated & Standing Hill
15. Sprints
16. Cool down & stretch

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