Birthday Girl…Bonita 132

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Inspiration: My wife Bonnie (Bonita), celebrates her first 50-something birthday this week. She doesn’t follow my blog, but does make it to my spin class from time to time…so I’m planning to surprise her with this special birthday ride (including a few guest spinners).
Genre: Alternative, Christian, Pop, Rock, Dance
Approximate time: 63 minutes
Ride Playlist:
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3 thoughts on “Birthday Girl…Bonita 132

    1. Here you are…Enjoy!

      Summary Ride Profile
      Birthday Girl…Bonita #132
      1-Warm up
      2-Alt Seated flat/Standing run
      3-Rolling Hills
      4-Hill climb with opt upper body presses
      6-Alt Seated/Standing Hill
      7-Seated/Standing Flat-leg drill starts 60s seated then 10s standing/50s seated….ends with last minute all standing
      8-Jumps on a Hill or opt upper body presses
      10-Alt Seated/Standing climb
      11-Standing Climb with short breaks in the saddle
      12-Seated flat / active recovery
      13-Trans from Seated flat to Standing climb with incr. resistance every 30s.
      14-Seated/Standing Sprints
      15-Cool down


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