Control 120

Inspiration: Preparing for Friday AM class
Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 47 minutes
Ride Profile & Playlist:
01. 3:52 WARM UP / Hell And Back – The Airborne Toxic Event
02. 3:22 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Turn The Club Around (Radio Edit) – R.I.O.
03. 3:37 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Bring Me To Life – Thousand Foot Krutch
04. 9:29 SEATED HILL & RUNNING w/ RESISTANCE/ Revelation (Airwave Remix) – King Of Clubs
05. 3:24 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Tell Me How To Live – Capital Cities
06. 3:12 SPRINTS (3 x 20s) / Face Down – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
07. 3:51 SEATED HILL & RUNNING w/ RESISTANCE / True Love – Pink
08. 3:42 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Already Missing You – Prince Royce
09. 3:40 JUMPS ON A HILL / Control – Royal Taylor
10. 2:55 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Demons – Imagine Dragons
11. 3:26 SPRINTS (3 x 30s) / All Night – Icona Pop
12. 4:01 COOL DOWN & STRETCH / Take Your Time – Cary Brothers

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3 thoughts on “Control 120

  1. Hi, Steve:
    Do you like using Spotify? I installed the latest IPhone update and lost all of the music on my IPhone. It really took me by surprise when I went to my playlist and everything was disappearing right before my eyes. Had to come up with a quick alternative, while 30 sets of eyes were waiting for me to start a class. Given all the problems Apple seems to be having with its updates, I’ve been investigating other options. Going back to carrying around 10# worth of CD’s is not an option I like. So, long story short, what are the plusses and minuses of Spotify?
    Best Regards and nice Blog


    1. Never had any like that happen on my phone…not good! I have the iPhone 5 and have had a couple updates. Before that I had an Android device with any issues. Every once in a while a track will be dropped from their library and I have to find a replacement. It’s a good idea to check things a few hours before class to catch that. All in all…I really like Spotify for building, sharing, accessing playlists for class. ChriSpins would be a good connection for you on the ins and outs of Spotify. Thanks!


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