Tic Tac Toe 076

Summer 2013 SPIN #01 (47 min)
01. 3:40 WARM UP / Perfect Day (Tic Tac Toe) – Jamatami
02. 3:32 SPRINTS (3 x 15s) / Panama – Van Halen
03. 3:28 JUMPS / Do My Thing – Estelle w/ Janelle Monae
04. 4:07 SPRINTS (3 x 20s) / 50 Ways to Say Goodbye – Train
05. 3:07 JUMPS / Pelvis Pusher – Vintage Trouble
06. 3:56 SPRINTS (3 x 30s) / All In – Lifehouse
07. 3:55 JUMPS ON A HILL / Geek In The Pink – Jason Mraz
08. 3:54 SPRINTS ON A HILL (3 x 30s) / Scream – Usher
09. 3:45 JUMPS / Gold On The Ceiling – The Black Keys
10. 3:13 SPRINTS (3 x 15s) / Go – The McClain Sisters
11. 4:04 JUMPS / Jump – Van Halen
12. 3:09 SPRINTS (3 x 25s) / My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ’em Up) – Fallout Boy
13. 4:32 COOL DOWN & STRETCH / Titanium (Acoustic version) – Gavin Mikhail

Tic Tac Toe?
Think X’s (sprints) and O’s (jumps)…lots of them!
11 tracks of them, between warm up and cool down.
Enjoy the Ride!

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On YouTube:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. The Janelle Monae song – LOVE! Thank you!!

    1. Actually I found it after seeing your Tightrope track on a prior post…both good ones!

    2. Hey…just heard this song on a Kleenex TV commercial! It is a good one. How did My Hitta go over in class the other day?

      In Michigan temps are sub zero and over a foot of snow over the past few days. TX sounds really good right now. Have a great week.

      1. My Hitta went well! We did a big climb to it in class last Thursday! I think I am going to play it this week as well for my Weds nite class. Stay warm in that weather!

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