I’ve been a Premium Spotify user for over 3 years now…looking forward to years and years of more great streaming with this awesome on demand music service!

With recent news of Pandora’s new PREMIUM plan and more than a year since Apple launched their APPLE MUSIC plan, SPOTIFY still rules in my Cycle Classes! (and at home, in the car…).

Here’s my TOP TEN:

1. IT’S HUGE – Massive library with the newest music, best variety of artists and music genre
2. PLAYLIST FRENZY – Create, follow, share playlists with other Premium users…follow other premium users too *
3. IT’S FOR THOSE YOU LOVE…a Family plan with Premium service ($15)
4. ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS – Access from PC, tablet or smartphone 24 /7
5. AND NO WIFI or DATA – NO PROBLEM! “Download” music for access when you are OFF LINE
6. BEHIND THE LYRICS gives the inside story about the track and artists
7. NO GAPS with crossfade options to blend your favorite tracks seamlessly…and other playback features
8. BE SOCIALABLE and automatically share what’s on your playlist via Twitter, Facebook/Messenger, or text
9. RADIO without COMMERCIALS when you pick PREMIUM service
10. NEW USERS GET THIS GREAT DEAL: 3 months Premium service for $0.99 (offer ends June 26, 2017)…after the deal, pay just $10 a month for the best plan available! GET THE DEAL
* – Follow this link and follow me on SPOTIFY (I’ll follow you back): https://open.spotify.com/user/1245380664

It’s Thursday night, so its NEW MUSIC FRIDAY tomorrow and a new playlist post will follow in a few days.
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Ride!

BTW, I am NOT compensated for this post, just a 100% satisfied user!

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