The 2018 Studio Cycling SURVEY Results…and FIND IT!

It’s been a while since the last survey (2015!), you can check it out HERE.

Before getting into the results, I just wanted to re-post this SoulCycle link.  I play this at the start of class every once in a while (like this morning’s class)…it’s so inspiring, motivating, and SO TRUE!  Check it out for the first time…or again!  Kudos to the marketing / brand team at SoulCycle!


For the 2018 survey, response was light this time…but still worth sharing the responses and comments.  Here’s a quick summary in the order of questions asked:

Music preferences…from overall favorite DANCE/EDM to least favorite CHRISTIAN, and everything in between

  • Only 1 genre was specifically picked for the ENTIRE ride…start to finish…Dance/EDM
  • MOST of the Ride, in order of votes: Dance/EDM, Classic Rock, Pop, Christian, Alternative/Current Rock
  • Many others were chosen for SOME of the ride:  Alternative/Current Rock, Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, Classic Rock, Dance/EDM and County.
  • These were the least favorite…picks for NONE of the ride: Christian, Country, Hip Hop/Rap, Classic Rock, Dance/EDM.

Preferred terrain, positions / movements

  • Choices for the ENTIRE ride included Standing on a Flat, Seated on a Hill and a Standing Hill/Power Climb
  • MOST of the ride:  Seated Flat, Seated Climb, Sprint, Rolling Hills, Sprint on a Hill
  • SOME of the ride: Power Climb, Running on a Hill, Jumps, Rolling Hills, Seated or Standing Flat, Sprint, Seated Climb, Figure 8’s/Tapbacks
  • NONE of the ride: Figure 8’s/Tapbacks, Jumps, Rolling Hills, Standing Flat

When to ride?  Favorite time of day and the week…

  • TOP PICKS are weekday evenings, followed by weekday early mornings.  Next popular times are early to mid morning on the weekends.
  • NEVER responses started with afternoons, followed by noon, mid morning and evening.

What else matters in the Cycle Studio?

  • MUSIC is #1 and no surprise, followed by air flow and temperature.  Others said towels and volume of the instructor mic were also important.  Bottom of the MOST IMPORTANT list includes music volume, shoes provided, studio lighting, and mirrors.
  • While not the MOST important…these were top picks for VERY IMPORTANTMusic volume, air flow / temperature, quality sound system, instuctor’s mic, use of video (large projector or monitors), mirrors, and towels.
  • Lighting, mirrors, video and towels are SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT.
  • In order of LEAST IMPORTANT: providing shoes, providing towels, video, lighting, mirrors, and instructor’s mic.

What are important aspects of the instructor coaching style?

  • MOST IMPORTANT are leading a music-based / rhythm ride, focus on intensity levels, frequent cues, incorporating visualization, time / terrain-based, conversational and spending time off the bike to work with riders.
  • Conversation, time off the bike, visualization and time/terrain-based methods are LEAST IMPORTANT.
  • In the MIDDLE (INDIFFERENT) opinions about visualization, coaching off the bike, conversation, and time/terrain-based.

FINALLY…what do you like (or not like) about FOR THE RIDE INSIDE?

  • We want MORE…Spotify links (LOVE SPOTIFY), ride profiles, ride playlists, YouTube links, Guest posts and rider surveys.
  • NO MORE or FEWER posts about my class schedule, guest posts, cycle studio reviews, A Look Back, YouTube or News links.
  • STATUS QUO…Surveys, A Look Back, studio reviews, news links, guest post, class schedule, YouTube links, Spotify links.

Your Comments…

  • I appreciate this resource. I instruct 2x a week and work a 50+ hour office job. I use your material in a pinch, which seems to be a lot lately! Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for all you do!!
  • Thanks for the awesome blog!
  • Like the Playlists
  • Keep up the great job!

Thanks for those who took time to take the survey this year! Happy Holidays…and ENJOY THE RIDE!

– Steve

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