Fall 2015 Rider Survey RESULTS

Here’s an update to an earlier post:

With the new schedule underway, I want to know more about what will KEEP you coming back for MORE!

Please take a quick 3-5 minutes to complete this anonymous 10-question survey, via SURVEY MONKEY.  I’ll use this feedback to rock your ride.

Thanks…see you soon!


A BIG THANKS to those who took the time to respond!  Here are the RESULTS:

Music isn’t EVERYTHING in the Cycle Studio…but it’s an IMPORTANT part of a great class experience!

This is what respondents like to hear:

First preference for music genre is a tie between EDM and Rock (30% each) followed by Alternative (20%) and Pop (10%).

Overall, when combining responses for 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for music:  Rock/Classic Rock (26%), Pop (25%), EDM (21%), Alternative (12%), Country (9%), Other (7%), Christian and Heavy Metal (0%).

As for terrain / movements, these are the preferences:

First preferences include: Seated Sprints (30%), Rolling Hills (20%), Jumps on a Hill / Standing Hill (tie, 15% each), Seated Hill (10%).

Overall (1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences combined)…Seated Sprints (22%), Rolling Hills / Standing Hill (tie, 17% each), Seated Hill / Running with Resistance (tie, 10% each), Jumps on a Hill (8%), Seated Flat (7%), Standing Sprints (5%), Jumps (3%), Standing Flat (2%).

All comments for the remaining questions:
I like it a lot when the beat of the music supports the spin movements. Also guidance re: RPM helps.
Variety and music that is familiar.
I love a great profile. STRENGTH or RACE DAY. Oh…and ENDURANCE. I love the energy of a group ride and great music.
Getting my workout done and feeling good about it.
I like to mimic a real ride.
Interaction with participants.
The music.
Music and motivation.
Motivating music and coach.
High energy, fun music.
Music and HIGH Energy Instructor.
Leaving happy…and exhausted.
The music and how it incorporates the feeling and emotions of the ride…the energy and sheer hard work in class, week after week!
When the music matches the movements…nothing like doing a sprint when the beat in the song is just not right. The music helps propel your sprint!

I like hard rock and I have difficult time with a disco music at spin class…
Nothing…keep it coming.
Less talking.
Lighting effect.
Something to change up the routine. Looking for something novel and new.
More participants.
I want instructors to clearly state if the terrain is a hill or flat road. In many classes I have attended, they do not really specify so it’s difficult to know how much resistance to put on.
People using cell phones.
Better mic.
Consistent use of terminology among instructors. We all at one point had to have Mad Dogg which I am and ABSOLUTELY love the spinning program. We now have a new manager and as let anybody teach with any sort of cycling cert. I’ve heard of contradictory moves being done and I do take it personal as I’ve worked very hard building my following and building the Spinning Program.
I set my routine to a certain tracks/music and other instructors just play top 40 and the beat doesn’t always work for the movement.
Better equipment.

I enjoy your class whenever you are on Saturdays or sub. Can not make it there early morning. I like 80s music. I really like endurance ride with a cycling move on 🙂
I really like Figure 8 movements.
I love music from the movie The Matrix, and instrumental music.
David Guetta.
I love cycling to Lady Gaga.
I love Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Walk The Moon. Arrangements by David Guetta. I do love jumps and tabatas interspersed into a 60 minute ride.
I love Avicci!
My most favorite movement is a standing run on a hill to Five Hours!! I love it and everything is great….I am in heaven!
Pendulum (Witchcraft)

Thanks again…riders and instructors!

3 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Rider Survey RESULTS

  1. Steve,

    Thank you! Your music is great. I teach cycle but I sometimes struggle to find the music that works and since I’m older, I don’t always know current music. I love your choices!



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