Good Feeling 005

Spin Spring 2012 #6 (44 min) 01 Give Me Everything โ€“ Pitbull w/ Ne Yo (Warm up) 02 Hey Ya! โ€“ OutKast (Jog) 03 Pumped Up Kicks โ€“ Foster the People (Jumps) 04 Undeniable โ€“ Mat Kearney (Steep Climb) 05 Footloose โ€“ Kenny Loggins (Quick Spin) 06 Runaway Baby โ€“ Bruno Mars (Sprints) 07 Good Feeling (J.O.B. Remix) โ€“ Flo Rida (Quick Climb) 08 Umbrella โ€“ Rihanna w/ Jay Z (Steep Climb) 09 All Again for You โ€“ We the Kings (Sprints) 10 Wrecking Ball โ€“ Lifehouse (Climb) 11 100 Years โ€“ Five for Fighting (Cool down) Advertisements

I Wanna Go 004

Spin Spring 2012 #5 (47 min) ย  01 Feels Like Tonight โ€“ Daughtry (Warm up) 02 Blow โ€“ Ke$ha (Jog) 03 Any Way You Want It โ€“ Journey (Sprints) 04 When We Stand Together โ€“ Nickelback (Steep Climb) 05 Disturbia โ€“ Rihanna (Jumps) 06 Party Rock Anthem โ€“ LMFAO (Sprints) 07 Wheel In The Sky โ€“ Journey (Climb) 08 Jump Up โ€“ Da Beat Bros. (Jumps) 09 Declaration โ€“ David Cook (Sprints) 10 Fly Away โ€“ Lenny Kravitz (Climb) 11 I Wanna Go โ€“ Britney Spears (Sprints) 12 Little of Your Time โ€“ Maroon 5 (Jumps) 13 Home โ€“ Michael Bublรฉ (Cool down)

Smokin’ 003

Spin Spring 2012 #4 (44 min) 01 You Make Me Feelโ€ฆ โ€“ Cobra Starship w/ Sabi (Warm up) 02 Take You There โ€“ Sean Kingston (Jumps) 03 Written In The Stars โ€“ Tinie Tempah w/ Eric Turner (Climb) 04 Crazy In Love โ€“ Beyoncรฉ (Jog) 05 Smokinโ€™ โ€“ Boston (Sprints) 06 Here Tomorrow Gone Today โ€“ Lifehouse (Jumps) 07 Glamorous โ€“ Fergie (Climb) 08 Because We Can โ€“ Fatboy Slim (Quick Spin) 09 Secrets โ€“ OneRepublic (Steep Climb) 10 Turn Me On โ€“ David Guetta w/ Nicki Minaj (Sprints) 11 Where Is The Love? โ€“ The Black Eyed Peas w/ Justin Timberlake (Climb) 12 All You Wanted โ€“ Michelle Branch (Cool down)

Hurts So Good 002

Spin Spring 2012 #3 (46 min) 01 Price Tag โ€“ Jessie J w/ B.o.B (Warm up) 02 Keep Your Head Up โ€“ Andy Grammer (Jog) 03 4 Minutes โ€“ Madonna w/ Justin Timberlake (Climb) 04 Hurts So Good โ€“ John Mellencamp (Jumps) 05 Bouncing Off the Walls โ€“ Sugarcult (Quick Spin) 06 Last Friday Night โ€“ Katy Perry (Jog) 07 Careless Whisper โ€“ Seether (Steep Climb) 08 In the Dark โ€“ Dev (Sprints) 09 Life In The Fast Lane โ€“ The Eagles (Jumps) 10 Gives You Hell โ€“ All American Rejects (Climb) 11 Forever โ€“ Chris Brown (Jumps) 12 Unwritten โ€“ Natasha Bedingfield (Cool down)

Stronger 001

Spin Spring 2012 #2 (45 min) 01 Supernatural โ€“ Daughtry (Warm up) 02 Yeah 3X โ€“ Chris Brown (Jog) 03 On The Floor โ€“ Jennifer Lopez w/ Pitbull (Quick Spin) 04 American Woman โ€“ Lenny Kravitz (Steep Climb) 05 Hot N Cold โ€“ Katy Perry (Jumps) 06 Cheers โ€“ Rihanna (Climb) 07 Without You โ€“ David Guetta w/ Usher (Sprints) 08 Ants Marching โ€“ Dave Matthews Band (Jumps) 09 Stronger โ€“ Kanye West (Climb) 10 Till The World Ends โ€“ Britney Spears (Sprints) 11 Nothing Left To Lose โ€“ Mat Kearney (Cool down)