Wednesday Poll: Ride Ready?

Whether you’re an instructor or a participant, this applies to everyone…in the hour or so BEFORE your class / ride, what do you eat or drink for that added kick?

On this subject…from MEN’S JOURNAL

The 10 Best Foods to Eat Before a Workout



Results of last POLL:

What is your Indoor Cycling Instructor certification?

Answer Percent
Spinning / Mad Dogg 50%  
Schwinn 19%  
Other: 9%  
Team ICG 5%  
Les Mills (incl. RPM, Sprint, etc.) 3%  
AFAA 3%  
Cycling Fusion 3%  
None 3%  
NETA 2%  
Stages 2%  
AFPA 0%  
MOSSA 0%  
Real Ryder 0%  
Other Answer
I have many in this list.
Fit tour online
Fit Tour
I’m certified in Les Mills SPRINT AND Schwinn

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