(Sp)integrity 064

Spring 2013 SPIN #14 (54 min)
01. 3:34 WARM UP / Here’s To Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne
02. 4:02 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Drinking From the Bottle – Calvin Harris w/ Tinie Tempah
03. 5:40 JUMPS / 4 Minutes (Remix) – Madonna w/ Justin Timberlake
04. 3:47 SEATED HILL & RUNNING w/ RESISTANCE / Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – Van Halen
05. 2:48 SPRINTS (3 X 15’s) / The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
06. 4:53 SEATED & STANDING HILL / The Secret (Al King Remix) – Sash! w/ Sarah Brightman
07. 8:37 SEATED FLAT / Integrity – Caira
08. 3:21 JUMPS / Play Hard – David Guetta w/ Ne-Yo & Akon
09. 4:17 SEATED FLAT & ROLLING HILLS / Counting Stars – OneRepublic
10. 4:40 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Madness – Muse
11. 4:11 SPRINTS (3 X 20s) / Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson
12. 4:10 COOL DOWN & STRETCH / Gravity – Shawn McDonald

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3 thoughts on “(Sp)integrity 064

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your spinning playlists! You really helped me out tonight since I didn’t have time to create a whole new one for tomorrow mornings class. I’ve been subbing all week plus having my own classes and was short a fresh playlist. Yours was a great baseline that I was able to add and delete a few to make it my own!! I love how you can insert your spotify list on your blog posts also!! Have a good one!


      1. Yes, it was great! Especially loved the jump songs. I broke up the long seated flat (my members have a hard time with that length in the saddle), but your list got me out of my “box” which was awesome! Have a great ride tomorrow!


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